Ozone Generator for Cleaning Vegetables

In recent years, consumption of vegetables has been increasing dramatically. Cleaning vegetables and fruits in raw water is not enough. Because, vegetables and fruits we consume in our daily lives possesses highly unacceptable amount of pesticides and chemicals which can cause hazards to human health. Hence, increasing attention has been focused on the safety of fruits and vegetables, making ozone generator a necessity at home and even in the offices.
1. What is Ozone Generator & how does it remove all the contaminants and pesticides of vegetables?

To make it simple, ozone generator is a device designed to emits ozone particles into it’s surrounding environment. Ozone (O3) is safe and powerful disinfectant and it has ability to destroy biological form of wide spectrum of micro-organisms with no residues.

Rinsing of vegetables and fruits with tap water doesn’t remove wide range of pathogens. Hence, sterilization/cleaning of fruits and vegetables using ozone generator make them suitable for human use/consumption.

Ozone disinfection technology produces highly reactive ozone gas that successfully oxidizes traces of pesticides, insecticides and other harmful farm chemicals. Ozone is completely safe for household use and when ozone comes into contact with the fruit or vegetable, it instantly kills the fungi, mold and bacteria and other contaminants on its surface and keep fresh fruit or vegetables to live longer.

2. How ozone generator for cleaning vegetables helps you to live a better life?

Well, let’s find out.

High levels of chemicals, pesticides and other substances have deleterious effect on our health. For this reason, you need to utilize some advanced techniques to wash the fruits and vegetables before consumption. With all the new available technologies, there are many ways to clean your vegetables – one of them being is ozone generator which helps protect yourself and your family.

The advance equipment/device called ozone generator disinfects vegetables by eliminating or washing away hazardous surface toxicants on vegetables & fruits without reducing their nutritional value and thus helps you to live healthy, safe and better life. Ozone generator for cleaning vegetables not only works to improve your health, but also uplift quality of your life.

3. Does use of ozone improve the safety of fresh vegetables and fruits?

Washing of vegetables and fruits even with purified water does absolutely nothing. Ozone is certainly the desirable solution for enhancing/improving the safety of fresh vegetables and fruits.

Ozone does not harm flavor of vegetables and also very helpful in removing wax on it. Ozone destroys all types of contaminants and pesticides with ease, leaving vegetables and fruits fresh and safe to consume.

However, it is necessary to determine the safety limits of exposure to ozone in order to prevent damage on food and human health.