How to choose disinfection sterilizer

The sterilization function of dishwasher cannot compare with the disinfection function of sterilizer.

Many dishwasher products in the market now is high temperature aseptic capabilities, but little in found that most of the so-called high temperature disinfection, dishwasher is in the process of cleaning, by 70 or so high temperature water and steam to eliminate bacterium of tableware, this method some harmful bacteria such as e. coli, staphylococcus creates a threat, but for some high temperature resistant bacteria are unable to work. But the standard requirement that our country formulates, reach disinfection standard temperature must reach 120 above. So, general dishwasher intelligence realizes part to eliminate bacterium, but cannot disinfect truly.

And sterilizer meaning, as the name suggests, it is professional model player in disinfect respect. At present the disinfection ark on the market is commonly used disinfection means has 3 kinds: high temperature disinfection, ultraviolet disinfection and ozone disinfection. The disinfection effect of these 3 kinds of disinfection means is much higher than 70-80 boil, and the disinfection ark of major is not onefold disinfection means, it is two kinds or combination of 3 kinds of means sterilizes disinfection, destroy the DNA of bacteria thoroughly, have the effect of sterilization. Good disinfection ark kills bacterium rate to be able to be as high as 99.9% commonly (above).

So, dishwasher cannot replace the function of sterilizer completely. Disinfection ark besides give tableware disinfection, still can give the child's toy, feeding bottle to wait for sterilization disinfection. But the disinfection ark on the market at present also is variety is various, how can ability choose the disinfection ark that suits?

1.Choose a style. Desktop, vertical, or embedded, this depends on the design of your kitchen space. If kitchen space is big enough, any style is not restricted, see oneself like; Kitchen space is narrow, ark of vertical disinfection covers an area too big do not suit, can choose desk type or embedded disinfection ark. But ark of table disinfection is general lesser, use tableware especially much do not suit. And embedded disinfecting ark is taller to installing environment requirement, so it suits already decorated house not quite.

2, choose disinfection method. The disinfection means of UV sterilizer has infrared ray high temperature disinfection, ozone disinfection, ultraviolet ray disinfection to wait a moment. Infrared high temperature technology is to heat up the interior through infrared, so that the internal temperature can reach the temperature of destroying bacteria and virus proteins, and then eliminate harmful bacteria, but because of the high temperature will cause harm to some material tableware; Ozone disinfection, it is to produce ozone through ultraviolet light, and then let bacteria oxidation lose activity, not high to the requirements of tableware.

So, can choose suitable disinfection means according to the material of tableware in the home. The tableware such as pottery and porcelain, glassware of resisting high temperature, stainless steel or enamel can choose far infrared ray high temperature disinfection ark, the family that has baby, often have toy of tableware of feeding bottle, plastic, rubber, need disinfect, suit to take ozone low temperature disinfection ark more. Most ideal chooses the disinfection ark of much mode union namely, can satisfy all disinfection demand so.

3, choose disinfection stars. This is the rating of the sterilizing ability of the sterilizing cabinet. Two-star disinfection cabinet is stronger than one-star disinfection cabinet, which can kill a wider range of bacteria. In ozone disinfection, the concentration needs to be more than 40mg/m³, and the disinfection time is more than 60 minutes. The high-temperature disinfection temperature should be higher than 120, and the disinfection time should be higher than 15 minutes. It is suggested to choose two-star disinfection cabinet, which has better disinfection effect, safer and healthier.

4.Select capacity. Generally speaking, about 50L is enough for a family of three. For a family of four or five, 70-90L is more suitable.