TrueWash Ozone+UV Light Vegetable Fruit Sterilizer Cleaner

Recently, because of the epidemic, more and more households are focusing on health
As the epidemic intrudes the world, we are living in the hidden danger in every second, because we donot know maybe any corner in our daily life may cause Irreparable influence and a sterilizer have become an indispensible necessity for us. But there're various of sterilizers in the market, so today, I'll introduce our unique advanced product - TrueWash Ozone+UV Light Vegetable Fruit Sterilizer Cleaner.

The sterilizer meaning is that Cabinet-like appliances that sterilize tableware, clothing, medical equipment, etc. by ultraviolet, far infrared, high temperature, ozone, etc.

What is Ozone+UV light technology?

Ozone+UV light technology Organically removes up to 99.99% of germs and pesticides on treated foods;Ozone can be released into the airindependently as 100mg/h.
UV Light
Germicidal UV light eliminates internalization of bacteria within produce
UV light starts working 2 minutes later since machine starts. The drysanitization mode greatly expands the range of sanitizing items.
Ozone and UV in the water environment generates hydroxyl, which is highoxidized to kill bacterias, germs and pesticides
Washing Sanitization
Ozone and UV light, basket rotation and potable water to help clean desired items.

The function of Ozone+UV Light sterilizer

Our UV ight sterilizer can clean our personal electronic devices such as our phone, camera, ipad ......

When you take these staffs out, they can easily carry different kinds of viruses; if you have babies at home and babies are easy to be infected with viruses and our product can effectively clean these viruses and make sure that eliminate these germ.

 Our product is also a fruit and vegetable washer:

Before you are ready for preparing dinner for the family or have some fruit, you can use our sterilizer instead of washing them with water; our UV light sterilizer can effectively prevent a wide range of bacteria and remain the nutrients and keep you health.

Our sterilizer is good at cleaning household mini-appliance:

For instance: our product is a bottle sterilizer, as we all know, bottle is a very cardinal stuff for us in our life and we use it frequently, but it is prone to infected germs, our sterilizer-the killer of germs and viruses,can availably keep your bottles safe;

Your makeup brushes is also indispensible for you in your daily routine and easily polluted by germs, so our product can also clean them as you want;

If you have a baby or babies, they are so young and easily to sick that you need to clean their stuffs to make sure that they are safe. So infant stuff cleaning is a vital task that you cannot eschew. So a hi-tech sterilizer is a stuff that you need to prepare for your babies;

If you are anxious about stationary cleaning, our UV light sterilizer also have a function of cleaning the stationary, stationaries are very important in our life, we need them to work and study, but they are also very dangerous for us, if we borrow them to others and others may pass the viruses to your stationaries and maybe you are infected, so our technology can effectively keep these issues away from you.

Because of COVID-19, we must get ready for the epidemic and keep us and our family safe, so our stelilizer are ready for you and willing to help you to eliminate any viruses and germs and wanna to be your parter to keep you and your family safe.